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Update of IAMMETER recently

Update of IAMMETER recently

This article introduces the latest upgrade of IAMMETER.

  • support EV charger in IAMMETER-cloud.
  • Release a new 3phase energy meter,WEM3050T.
  • Support the measurement of kvar and kvarh.
  • Release IAMMETER-simulator.

Cloud :Support EV charger via OCPP

If you have an EV charger and it supports OCPP, you can connect it to IAMMETER now. Then you can set the strategy of EV charging from IAMMETER. If you like, you can charge the EV totally with solar surplus power.

For flere detaljer, se venligstConnect an EV charger from IAMMETER

solar percentage in hourly charging status

New hardware released, WEM3050T,3 phase ,2P

WEM3050T is a new 3 phase energy meter, it provides nearly all features of WEM3080T but only uses the package of 2P(the package of WEM3080T is 4P).

In addition, the WEM3050T does not include the service of IAMMETER-cloud by default, which means it will be cheaper than the WEM3080T(If you do not use the cloud service).


Hardware: support the measurement of reactive power(kvar) and kvarh

we once released a TR version for WEM3080T, which supports the measurement of reactive power and Kvarh. Now , no need for the TR version anymore. All of the WEM3080T and WEM3050T support the measurement of reactive power and Kvarh(produced after Sep 2023).

Q(Kvar): reaktiv effekt, positiv værdi betyder induktiv, negativ værdi betyder kapacitiv

KVARh: reaktiv energi, hver fase indeholder to KVARh, KVARh forinduktiv belastningog KVARh forkondensatorbelastning.

IAMMETER-Simulator: a free tool that evaluates the IAMMETER`s product and system

IAMMETER-simulator is a free software developed by the IAMMETER team.

It provides such features below:

  • configure the data of PV output(the PV data can be simulated or read from a real energy meter)

  • simulated different loads

  • simulated EV charger(via OCPP)

  • simulated grid exchange(the grid data will be on the premise of the solar and load)

    All of the above data will be returned in the same API as WEM3080T, so the simulator will be integrated into each platform by the same method as the WEM3080T. When you want to replace the simulator with the real energy meter, the only work is to change the IP setting from the simulator to the real energy meter.


Home assistant

Integrate the simulated 3phase energy meter in Home assistant.

Control the Current of the EV charger(OCPP) from Home assistant

Monitor your solar PV system in Home Assistant

Control the EV charging power with regard to the solar PV output and grid power reading


Monitor the system of 120/240V or 120/208V in North America

Firmware upgrading (98.70)

Blog: compare the difference between places or energy meters

Brug WiFi-energimåleren i Thingsboard

Sorter og sammenlign mere end ét solcelleanlæg i solanalysen

Abonner på den øjeblikkelige værdi af energimåleren

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IAMMETER`s upgrading timeline (since 2022)